Vietnam-era Military Flechettes by the Pound!

These flechettes were used in the Vietnam-era M546 APERS-T 105mm artillery shell, known to Vietnam vets as “The Beehive.”  This devastating round was designed after the Korean War as a way to stop the human wave assault tactics used by the Chinese in that war.  At a distance of 75 meters the Beehive shell detonates and sends 8,000 of these steel darts screaming downrange towards the enemy.  Each steel flechette is roughly an inch long and weighs 8 grains or so, and upon impact they bend into a hook shape, with the finned tail section often breaking off to start a second wound channel.  At close range the high velocity of the flechettes made the M546 extremely lethal; it was described as the world’s largest shotgun round.  Legend has it that after the Beehives were used to repulse an attack, the enemy dead were often found in the field of fire with their hands nailed down to the wooden stocks of their rifles.

We are selling these flechettes as a piece of historic militaria only, and we do not recommend that you try to weaponize them, but we know what you’re thinking.  Flechette ammo is illegal in some places, like Florida, so know your local laws before you stuff some of these in a 12 gauge shell.  They are sold by weight, and each pound contains about 950 of these hardened steel projectiles.

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  1. So I’m seeking Flechettes as looking like nails with fins … The ones I saw were flat with arrow like tips and two fins on the rear, maybe 2 inches long.

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