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CTD Chris and CTD Rob helped me pick out today’s featured items. CTD Chris thinks the Marlin is cool. CTD Rob told me a story about alternative uses for the MOLLE vest and I picked the ammo and the Blue Book of Gun Values. Read why!

Marlin 444XLR Lever Action Rifle

We do not get many .444 Marlins, so now is your chance! The Marlin Model 444XLR lever-action rifle is good for hunting heavier game such as elk or moose at short to medium range. If you are about to head out for your annual African safari, think about purchasing this gun for your exotic hunt. With ranges out to 150 yards at 2,330 fps, the .444 Marlin is also a fine choice for thin-skinned African game. Even the dangerous ones! Wait! There are non-dangerous African game animals? The Marlin Model 444XLR has a 24” stainless steel barrel with Ballard-style rifling, which improves accuracy. It holds five rounds in a tubular magazine and has a black-gray laminated hardwood stock.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-MAR444XLR

Drago First Strike Tactical Vest Black

This MOLLE vest is very similar to the ones that our military wears. It offers quick access to seven magazine pouches, has a padded shoulder to dampen rifle recoil and includes a tactical belt.

If you don’t find yourself in tactical situations often, we know for a fact that this vest holds four beer bottles in replace of rifle magazines. Maybe a perfect alternative to your fishing vest?

.357 Sig American Eagle 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket

New to Cheaper Than Dirt! The American Eagle brand, by Federal, is an affordable option for all your pistol ammunition. The full metal jacket bullet designed for the competitive shooter is perfect for target shooting and practice.

We offer the .357 Sig, 125-grain full metal jacket bullet with a 1350 fps muzzle velocity at one of the lowest prices around!

32nd Edition Blue Book of Gun Values

Quick quiz. Do you know how many guns there are? Lots of them! There is no way humanly possible that I or anyone else in the office would know them all. That is why I reference this book almost daily. In fact, it is my first source when I am researching a particular gun. Finding something in the book is quick and easy, and it provides just the right amount of information I need—including short descriptions and backgrounds of each manufacturer.

Sometimes people ask me about the value of their “old gun,” which I always leave up to the experts, but with the Blue Book of Gun Values, I can tell these people a rough estimate and therefore, sound smart! Bonus!

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