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Ruger 22 Charger Takedown Pistol Left Quartering


Ruger Introduces 22 Charger Takedown Pistol

This year, Sturm, Ruger will offer a 22 Charger Takedown pistol and a reworked basic Charger handgun. Read this article to learn about this exciting new pistol built on Ruger’s famous 10/22 platform.

Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle .50 AE


Magnum Research Introduces All-Stainless-Steel Desert Eagle

An all-stainless-steel Desert Eagle .50 AE is now available — MSRP on the new DE50SR is $1793. A second stainless model with an integral muzzle brake (DE50SRMB) is also in production and has an MSRP of $1931. Check out this article for the details on what you can expect.