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Picture shows a camp cup full of milk on a camp stove.

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30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 22: The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate is not only yummy and comforting; it actually warms your up. You don’t have to forgo this delicious treat when the power goes out—severe winter weather is the perfect time to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate using a few ingredients from your long-term food storage and a gel fuel camp or survival stove. I whipped up my own ultra chocolaty version in about 20 minutes. Here is my favorite single-serving hot chocolate recipe using a Swiss military surplus gel fuel M1 stove kit.

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Camping & Survival

101 Survival Uses for a Plastic Bucket

When supplies are limited, it will be imperative for you to think outside the box and think of alternative uses for the gear you have. Many preppers already utilize food-grade plastic buckets for their food supply; however, these five-gallon buckets provide a lot more uses than just food storage. Here is 101 ways to use a plastic bucket in a survival situations.

A bookcase makes a great cover up

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Caching Food

One of the first things about prepping is you don’t talk about prepping. With over three million Americans identifying themselves as preppers, you probably have been in the home of one of them and never knew it. Thanks to the art of hiding in plain sight, many preppers have figured out ways to stockpile a year’s worth of food supplies without basements, root cellars or sacrificing space. If you want to know how to cache food, read this blog.