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Bob Campbell cycling the bolt of the Ruger American rifle


Range Report: Ruger American — Ruger’s Go Anywhere Do Anything Rifle

Ruger’s recently released 7.62x39mm American is a smart choice. The 7.62x39mm cartridge is the most popular and well distributed, mid-range caliber in the world. Ammunition is plentiful and inexpensive. Modern loadings, such as the Hornady SST, offer good game taking ability. Handloads put the 7.62x39mm right at .30-30 WCF power. In short, the new Ruger American should prove to be a capable, go anywhere, do anything rifle.

CIA Zastava M88 pistol right side and magazine


Range Report: Century International Arms Zastava M88 9mm

Among the most reliable and battled tested handgun designs of all time is the Russian Tokarev. It simply doesn’t get the respect the 1911, Browning High Power and CZ 75 do, yet the pistol is always reliable, accurate enough for personal defense, and chambered for hard hitting cartridges. Century International Arms Zastava M88 continues the tradition.

Century International Arms M90MP rifle


CIA RI2222N PAP M90MP AK 5.56 — A Good AK in 5.56mm

The AK-47 was designed for reliability and low maintenance. If you believe the AK never jams, we’re going to a different church, but the rifle is reliable. However, there have been any numbers of rather poor incarnations that simply do not live up to the promise. There are also several well-built, reliable rifles. Read the full review to see where the Century International Arms PAP M90 rated.

Century Arms C39v2 American AK right side profile view


AK-47 — Made in America? Century Arms C39v2

Many shooters have strong opinions about the AK-47. Love it or hate it, there is no denying it is, if not the most popular firearm in the world. When President Obama banned importation of Kalashnikov Concern rifles, the desire for an AK rose through the shooting community. Some companies jumped at the chance to start producing their own. Century International Arms did just that. Introduced at SHOT Show 2015, Century released its 100 percent made in American AK, the C39v2.


Cheaper Than Dirt! at the Range: Tristar Arms S-120 9mm

In this economy, shooters are looking for a reliable, affordable pistol. One such item might be the $439 Canik 55 S-120, a full-size 9mm CZ-75 clone with a 4.7-inch barrel, a 17-round capacity, and a dry weight of 2.26 pounds. Made in Turkey, the S-120 line is imported by TriStar Sporting Arms, long recognized for its quality shotguns at value prices. Cheaper Than Dirt! recently had a chance to shoot a loaner S-120 the company provided on a test-and-evaluation basis.


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