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Summertime Concealed Carry: Gear and Tips

The more the mercury in the thermometer rises, the harder it becomes to carry a firearm concealed without printing. However, leaving our source of protection behind is not an option, nor is wearing a parka when the temps are in the 100s. This article looks at ways to carry while shedding layers and catching some rays without giving up your firearm or running afoul of the law.

Savage B17 FV rifle with 3 boxes of ammunition


Savage B 17 FV-SR: The Little Tack Driver

Savage Arms trotted out a whole new stable of rifles in 2017. Among them is the B—meaning bolt action—Series 17 FV-SR, chambered in 17 HMR. We took it for a spin, curious to see if the company’s rimfire rifles perform as well as its big-bore models that have earned some real estate in my gun safe.

Light bearing (left) and regular Omnivore holsters

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Review: Blackhawk Omnivore — One Holster Fits 150+ Guns!

Enter the Omnivore, the new holster by Blackhawk. This Kydex device is designed to carry a wide range of firearms. More than 150 popular, as well as less-known models, can fit in this holster. Many gun owners have a pistol or two that they’d like to use more, but don’t feel like spending the energy and money it takes to find the perfect holster for each gun. If you feel like one or more of these scenarios apply to you, you are reading the right article.

Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuff

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Shot Show 2017: Accessories: The Best for the Best

If there’s one thing that retailers know, it’s that accessories sell—no matter which firearms are hot. With plenty of handguns and MSRs driving foot traffic in 2016, retailers also reported high accessory turns for rails, flashlights, and waterfowl decoys. Women’s specialty products were up, and there were plenty of deer-hunting items making the register ring. For the 2017 SHOT Show, there are literally miles of accessories to view. Here’s a look at what’s new on the floor this year.

Blackhawk CQC Concealment holster with Smith and Wesson Model 642 revolver

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Review: Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster

I have been using Serpa holsters since at least 2006. Back then, I had put together a training consortium and created the “727 Counter Terror Training Unit.” BLACKHAWK!’s gear, especially the Serpa holster, proved its durability and reliability time and again making it one of the most popular pieces of gear. Today’s Serpa fills a range of duty and civilian uses. Find out if it is right for you.

Blackhawk Tac Lite jacket


Review: BLACKHAWK! Tac-Life Softshell Jacket

If you are looking for a medium-weight jacket to keep you warm and dry that also meets your tactical needs for weapons access, and has the pockets you need for your EDC gear, then BLACKHAWK!’s new TacLife soft shell should be on your short list. Even if you are not looking for a new jacket the TacLife soft shell should be on your short list!

BLACKHAWK!‘s Leather Tuckable Pancake Holster

Gear, Parts and Accessories

BLACKHAWK! Releases New 3-in-1 Concealed Carry Holster

BLACKHAWK!‘s new Leather Tuckable Pancake Holster offers maximum versatility and the ability to adapt to most popular carry configurations. Plus, more versatility means one holster to do it all saving you money. The Tuckable Pancake Holster features a three-slot design for strong-side, behind-the-hip, appendix and cross-draw carry on belts up to 1.75” wide. Adjustable cant and ride, along with a built-in shirt shield, add comfort and a moisture barrier between the user and firearm.

AR-15 rifle with single point sling

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Using the Sling

An old saying is that precision demands lubrication. This means lots of practice. I have taught quite a few shooters in offhand rifle shooting, and in the end, the dedication of the shooter means as much as the skill of the instructor. Using the proper sling wedded to the rifle, the shooter may find it possible to shoot right up to the rifle’s capabilities, if that shooter is willing to practice…