SureFire High-Capacity Magazines

Man in red short holding a 60-round and 100-round SureFire Magazine with A Crowd of people behind him.

The Internet has been buzzing over the high-capacity magazines from SureFire. Available with a 60-round as well as a whopping 100-round capacity, the mags increase your ability to continuously engage targets without stopping to reload.

Traditionally, soldiers have carried seven magazines as part of their standard load, giving them just shy of 200 rounds of ammunition. In a firefight, a soldier could need to reload as many as six times, with each reload taking as long as two seconds. Some military units use magazines clipped together to speed up reloads, and this leaves the stand-by magazine top exposed and the feed lips prone to impact damage. 90-round C-mag and Beta-mag drum magazines reduce reload time, although they cannot be kept loaded for extended time periods and generally require special dry-powder lubricants to feed reliably. Drum magazines are also bulky and complex, difficult to clean and, in the case of the C-mag, significantly alter the handling of the weapon because of the off-set center of gravity.

The high-capacity magazines from SureFire have none of these problems. A fighter carrying four of SureFire’s 60-round magazines has nearly 240 rounds of ammunition at their disposal with only a nominal increase in total load weight.

SureFire’s revolutionary quad-stack technology uses non-binding coil springs and custom engineered polymer nesting followers to ensure flawless operation. A mil-spec, hard-anodized body made from 6000-series aluminum helps the magazine to withstand the abuses of combat.

Sure Fire’s ingenious design eliminates the need for dry lubricants and lets the magazine function in arid environments where dust and dirt would hamper other mags. All of SureFire’s magazines are manufactured to STANAG 4179 specifications so they function in all M16, rifles/?utm_source=blog.cheaperthandirt&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=linkwhisper-auto-linking” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” title=”AR-15 rifles”>AR-15 rifles and variants.

MSRP is approximately $129 for the 60-round model and $179 for the 100-round magazine, with actual retail prices slightly lower.

How would it change your approach if you had a 60-round or 100-round magazine? Share in the comment section.

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  2. ‘100 rounds add a lot of weight’…LOL!! Don’t believe this will be noticed by the trigger pullers who will be most likely to use these very hi-cap magazines.

  3. I have nothing against hi-cap mags, I’m sure there’s an appropriate time and place for that mag. But the idea of what appears to be 18″ of mag sticking out of the bottom of rifle seems a bit clumsy. Not good for close quarter combat (obviously not what it’s designed for) plus 100 rounds will add a lot of weight to a rifle and fatigue an operator carrying such a combination. None the less… I will be ordering some of those bad boys for my AR’s!

  4. Can’t wait to get a couple of these. However, in light of the political climate regarding high cap mags, I believe the first paragraph should be re-worded as to not sound like it makes it easier for someone to kill more people before reloading. Just saying. “continuously engage targets without needing to stop and reload” I’m sure sounds a lot like “kill 30 more people before having to stop to reload”

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