Reader Comments of the Week — March 24, 2018

Grips on the SIG Sauer Spartan Airgun

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Speed and Accuracy: Accurate Aimed Fire Ends Fights

I prefer Jeff Cooper’s recipe: Two quick shots center mass, followed with one well-aimed shot between the horns. Interestingly, when in the heat of battle (while on-duty), I realized that I’m not aware of actually using the sights for the two center mass shots. Rather, I quickly looked along the top of the slide (a 1911), pointing it at my intended target and hit it. A side note: I knew Jeff and shot with him a few times. He was an interesting person – to say the least.


Top 8 Handguns for 2018 — A Woman’s Choice for Power

SIG P250 is an excellent handgun, however, it has a very long trigger pull. This may result in a little more range practice than others for proficiency. Of course, continued range time is a constant must for all shooters.


Magnificent 7 — Pistols for Concealed Carry

How about a S & W Model 340 PD, 5 shot .357 mag. at 11.8 oz. ?

~Dennis A. Muirhead

Millennial Motivation? Take Away Their Second Amendment Rights

The Constitution is a wonderful document describing the power of government and the checks on that government power with the rights of its citizens. The Second Amendment is a reflection of the birth of this country. An armed citizenry overthrew a government that gave the citizens no voice in their government. This fact spawned the first two rights given to the citizens of this new country. The right to to redress grievances of the government. And an armed citizenry to overthrow the government if it fails to hear the voice of its citizens. The exact situation it had just came through. And a group of citizens wish to silence a constitutionally approved group and remove these two rights from them. And finally use the standing force of the government to force the citizens to obey their will. Learn from history. Do not repeat it.


Top 8 Handguns for 2018 — A Woman’s Choice for Power

Regardless of gender, I’m going to suggest the Canik TP9SA, or any of the TP9 derivatives. My wife has no issue with drawing or firing this weapon. My granddaughters (11 and 13) have both fired it, surprisingly well also. The pistol doesn’t care who’s hand holds it. Its a high quality, well made gun. At 740 grams empty, 1037 grams fully loaded with 18+1, its not that heavy a piece, and recoil is more than acceptable for a weapon of this category. Very easily shoots ragged holes at 20 meters and eats anything you put through it. Mine is desert sand in color, its available in 5 or 6 different colors, but no pink. Sorry. The point is, man, woman, boy, girl, or gender confused. Catholic, Baptist or Jewish. The gun doesn’t care, why should we. Females carry, and are quite good shots. Pick the weapon you like, regardless of color. You can dip it to be any camo pattern from flames to hearts to skulls or zombies. Or you can have it cerokoted in a variety of colors and combos. Its still going to function just as sweetly, no matter the color, or who’s hand holds it.
As always
Carry on

~70’s Ops

Top 8 Handguns for 2018 — A Woman’s Choice for Power

Finally an article that doesn’t talk about how the only firearm for a woman is a revolver!!! The fact is most women are.capable of handling the same firearms as a man with proper training. My wife shoots a Gen 4 19. I just purchased a 19x for myself and it shoots like a champ. Women who have know shooting experience should find a good female instructor and stop listening to the so called gun counter experts, they’re just there to sell you something.


Top 8 Handguns for 2018 — A Woman’s Choice for Power

My wife really like her Bersa Thunder 380. Most of the gun in this article are full size and not practical for a women for every day carry.

~Jimmy Ford

Review: Glock 19X 9mm

I just got my 19x yesterday. I bought it from a guy that never fired it that I work with. He complained about the grip printing and didn’t even carry it out of the house. I say dress comfortably and appropriately if your wanting to conceal. I shot it yesterday 50 plus rounds and love it. I have a 19 and love it too. I also carry an FNX tactical, S&W , Walter, Springfield, ATI and the list continues. The things I like and dislike about all my carry’s is that I adapt to overcome and enjoy my weapons by either purchasing more things to aid my shooting or work on my technique.
I don’t trash a manufacturer for the way they created a weapon but question it. I also don’t trash folks that choose to carry their brand like drinking the koolaide. I enjoy the weapon and sport more than being a self proclaimed critic and throwing sarcasim at them.
I excercie my right to carry and free speech but I also choose not trash another for doing the same even it it’s not like mine.
Carry on Brothers! Super Dave.

~Dave Adkinson

Review: SIG Spartan 1911 Airgun

I have the Max Michel version of this same gun. Everything Bob says about the Sig airgun is true. The Spartan model came out not too long after I bought mine. The Spartan model looks much cooler than the Max Michel. I may have to come up with a reason to have 2. The cool thing is you can go out in your backyard and work on trigger control while shooting at splatter targets. Only complaint I have about my model is that the plastic grips stink, leaving the smell on your hands after shooting. Still haven’t come up with a way to neutralize that.


Top 8 Handguns for 2018 — A Woman’s Choice for Power

Springfield Armory XD9 4 inch is my preference. Great grip size, just slightly smaller than Glock and eats anything you give it. HiViz sights and a 220 lumens micro light make it great for defensive situations in the home, my hubby uses an XD45 4 inch with the same sights and light with a Pearce mag extension for a bit more control.

~Ana B

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