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Manhunt Places Hunting Seasons on Hold in Parts of Pennsylvania

Manhunt Places Hunting Closures

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has temporarily closed all hunting and trapping seasons within seven townships in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the search continues for a fugitive wanted in the shooting death of a state police trooper.

The closure was initiated after the Pennsylvania State Police advised on Tuesday that troopers who are part of the search for fugitive Eric Frein had uncovered explosive devices that apparently were left behind in wooded areas by the fugitive, and would pose an obvious danger to anyone who would encounter them.

Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough issued an executive order to close temporarily the hunting and trapping seasons within Price, Barrett and Paradise townships in Monroe County; and Blooming Grove, Porter, Lehman and Greene townships in Pike County. The townships all are within Wildlife Management Unit 3D.

The closure affects all private and public lands, including the portions of State Game Lands 180, 183 and 221 located within those townships. Those portions of game lands are closed to all public access while the executive order is in effect.

Hunting and trapping seasons will remain closed in the identified townships until the executive order is lifted, which will be announced by the Game Commission in a statewide news release that will be posted on the agency’s website at the time it is issued.

Hough said the discovery of the devices, and the danger associated with the search effort in general, would pose too great a risk to hunters, trappers and members of the general public.

“While we realize this temporary closure might disappoint some of the hunters and trappers it affects, we’re certain, too, they understand the gravity of the situation, as well as the danger in allowing the seasons to continue as scheduled, given this new information,” Hough said. “We need hunters to adjust their plans to help bring resolution to this case and see that justice is served.” Frein is wanted in the Sept. 12 ambush-shooting death of Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson II outside the state police barracks in Blooming Grove, Pike County. Trooper Alex Douglass was wounded in the attack. The search for Frein has continued since, and police recently discovered explosive devices — at least one of which was attached to a trip wire—in the area they were searching.

The Pennsylvania Game and Wildlife Code authorizes the Game Commission to close any hunting or trapping season, or otherwise take necessary action, to assure the purposes of the code, including assuring the health and safety of the persons who hunt or take game and wildlife.

The Game Commission earlier this week issued an advisory to those who might be planning to hunt in the area of the search, and indicated that the seasons would continue as scheduled, but the recent findings by state police changed the circumstances.

Game Commissioner James J. Delaney Jr., who represents Pike, Monroe and other northeastern Pennsylvania counties as part of the eight-member board that sets policy for the Game Commission, said the temporary closure is supported in full by the commissioners.

“The suspect has demonstrated a disregard for human life,” Delaney said, “The safety of the law-enforcement officers who are part of the search, as well as that of the sporting public, must take precedence here.”

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  1. The police in America have come to see themselves as an occupying army; perhaps Frein felt that it was time to treat them like one. I suspect that Frein was motivated by any of the countless stories of police ultra-violence against helpless people (think of Kelly Thomas in CA or Robert Leone in PA). Since police are intensely loyal to each other and always cover up for cowardly acts of citizen abuse by those in their “family,” Frein may have felt that he was justified in resorting to the use of the Second Amendment. But this is speculation — I suppose we’ll learn what was on his mind sooner or later.

  2. Yeah, real good idea, let a few thousand hunters loose in the woods. The SP found explosives with trip wires. Most hunters wouldn’t see a trip wire if it were four feet high. News story – “Father goes to the woods to put venison in freezer, instead comes home with both legs blown off.” Like I said, good idea here.

  3. They are spending over a million dollars a week in the search for this guy, and I wonder if the same amount would be spent if the person killed was just a “Civilian” and not wearing a badge?

    Further, I don’t see them locking people out of their homes, refusing to let fathers cross “Lines” to protect their family, or, now this, shutting down hunting season, which is usually the big money making time for alot of the businesses in this region, again, if the person killed wasn’t a cop.

    For you that aren’t in PA, we have local police, and then we have the higher tier state police, who believe they are a superior law enforcement agency than the rest of the badges in PA, more professional, and more equal, hence, the money and man power to hunt down someone who killed a superior being, and again, not just some regular guy.

    And yes, I agree with the above comment, this guy isn’t coming out alive, and for the 2nd time in a short time, we are going to see unopposed opposition to the police being the judge, jury and executioner of a US citizen, just like what happened when the burnt the house down around the cop who killed the other policemen in LA.

    Just like David Koresh, its an all out assault, on someone who they would probably get, if they just pulled back and waited a few months till he was out of food, and came back to the real world, or dies from starvation if he doesn’t.

    Further, you want a freaking posse, let a few thousand hunters scower those woods, armed, and carrying cell phones, and I’ll bet you get more than a few sightings, but, a “Vigilante” may get the bad guy instead of a cop, and thats not what they want to happen here.

  4. All being done in the name of “safety,” of course, and a prudent person would find a different place to recreate. Judging from his social media entries, Frein is a disturbed individual — the “lone wolf” the Left has created in the ongoing war against the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. However, it’s also apparent from the news footage that they have no intention of letting him come out of there alive. They will execute him first, and they don’t want witnesses.

    1. Seeing as how he shot the trooper in cold blood, this might not be a bad idea. Criminals have more rights in this country than the law abiding. Killing Frein saves the state of PA lots of money in court proceedings.

    2. Criminals who wear badges have the most rights of all. Police receiving meaningful justice for egregious violations of citizens’ rights is almost unheard-of. Generally the worst that happens to a cop who commits a violent felony is that he gets fired, and there’s usually some kind of lawsuit that punishes no one but the taxpayers. You’ll have to forgive me if I no longer have any sympathy for the police.

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