Longtime Shooter’s Log Writer Glen Zediker Passes Away

glen zediker

The staff at The Shooter’s Log joins the rest of the competitive shooting community in sharing our condolences for the passing of longtime writer Glen Zediker.

Glen wrote for The Shooter’s Log from 2014 to 2020 and was known for his exceptional writing ability and shooting expertise. He wrote dozens of articles for us each year.

An AR-15 aficionado, Glen was classified as an NRA High Master in High Power Rifle and published several books related to shooting and reloading.

glen zediker
Glen doing what he loved best.

Here is Glen’s bio, taken from his obituary in The Daily Sentinel:

“Glen was born on June 17, in Rifle, Colorado, to Lloyd and Marie Zediker (both deceased) of Grand Valley (now Parachute), Colorado. He attended K-12 in Grand Valley, studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and graduated from the University of Mississippi with a B.A. in English.

Glen spent most of his professional career combining his expertise in target shooting with his skill at writing. He became an NRA High Master known for pinpoint accuracy. He wrote and published several books on target shooting and reloading which are highly respected in the precision shooting community.

Glen spent many years in Mississippi and embraced southern culture from the food to Faulkner, but at his core, he remained a Westerner. He loved nothing more than riding over red dirt hills and hiking in the Southwest.

Glen’s two sons, Matthew and Charlie, were the center of his life. In addition to his sons, he is survived by his sister, Diane Zediker-Pastore (Victor) and his former wife, Kris Kunkler Zediker.”

Condolences can be made at the Coleman Funeral Home website and donations in his memory are accepted at the Navajo Water Project.

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  1. Well I know some day farther down the road
    I’ll come to the edge of the great unknown
    There’ll stand a black horse riderless
    And I wonder if I’m ready for this
    So I’ll saddle him up and he’ll switch his tail
    And I’ll tip my hat and bid fairwell
    And lift my song into the air
    That I learned at that dusty fair
    “Sit tall in the saddle, Hold your head up high
    Keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky
    And live like you ain’t afraid to die
    And don’t be scared, just enjoy your ride”
    Now don’t be scared, just enjoy your ride
    – from one westerner to another.. rest in peace!

  2. My sincerest condolences to Mr. Zediker, his immediate family, distant family and friends, both close and otherwise.

    My prayers are with them all.

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