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Federal 7.62×51 175 Grain Gold Medal Match

Item: AMM-6921

Federal 7.62x51 Gold Medal Match
Federal 7.62×51 Gold Medal Match

When I’m not tinkering with my droid collection or working on my sand speeder, I spend the sweltering summer days of August amongst the moisture farms popping womp rats with my trusty, old Springfield M1A. Nothing puts those wretched scum down quite like the 175 Grain Sierra MatchKing BTHP bullet loaded in Federal’s 7.62×51 Gold Medal Match.

The aerodynamic design of the legendary Sierra MatchKing bullet helps overcome the immense wind resistance and wind drift of the Tatooine dunes. This means flatter trajectory, higher down range energy and more accurate placement. Gold Medal’s brass cases, with specifically selected and engineered stick powders and match primers, deliver consistent accuracy and performance. The results speak for themselves. I’m known around town as “The Force.” This load is simply the best, most accurate commercial load I can get my rebel hands on. Unfortunately, the Imperial trade embargo makes these a hot commodity in Mos Eisley, but I can get them to you for a really good price!

Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Knife

Item: 75346

Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Knife
Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Knife

When you have crash-landed on a strange swap-forest planet and need to bust out an X-Wing cockpit window, chop down a small tree, and fight off an infestation of swap slugs, you absolutely need the Gerber LMF II Infantry fixed blade knife.

The thick, partially serrated blade cuts webbing with ease, will chop piles of firewood and fends off small green creatures that may jump on your back at any moment.

The over-molded handle successfully limits blistering. There is complete separation between the tang and butt cap, so the knife absorbs the shocks from hammering and prevents the shocks of electricity. Smartly situated grooves and lashing holes let the LMF II convert to a spear for cave exploration.

The low profile sheath facilitates movement, limits noise, works for parachuting, and attaches to a belt or MOLLE vest. The patented, integrated sharpener means edge retention in the swamp.

Anytime I venture into the Outer Rim Territories the Gerber LMF II is strapped to my leg and ready for action.

Eagle Industries Personal Retention and Extraction Lanyard

Item: EAG-107

Eagle Industries Personal Retention and Extraction Lanyard
Eagle Industries Personal Retention and Extraction Lanyard

How many times have you been in a light saber duel and nearly fallen to your death in the cavernous core of Cloud City? Too many times! Every young Jedi needs to play it safe and the Eagle Industries retention and extraction lanyard is your most important piece of safety equipment. Strap yourself to a railing and call it good! No more losing hands because your mind was on the 200-meter drop below.

This nylon lanyard has energy absorbing bungee and tubular webbing construction with an internal “shock cord.” It secures with a heavy duty Climbing Technology Kong Tango double locking carbineer that will never let you fall (unlike your deadbeat father).

Win the day and keep your dexterity with the Eagle Personal Retention and Extraction Lanyard attached to your gear.

Surplus Magnesium Snowshoes and Bindings

Item: MGR-926

Surplus Magnesium Snowshoes and Bindings
Surplus Magnesium Snowshoes and Bindings

As a veteran of the Battle of Hoth, I know a good snowshoe when I see one. Tromping around barren ice planets is no fun, but it can be easy with these surplus magnesium snowshoes and Bindings.

Although slightly used, these snowshoes are in great condition. Constructed with a magnesium frame, the plastic-coated twisted steel cable adds durability and the high-strength nylon bindings attach to any shoe or boot. These lightweight shoes spread out your weight and keep you moving when the snow piles up.

Don’t get stranded in a blizzard without a good pair of snowshoes. If your Tauntaun dies, you’ll be left for the Wampas to play with! Trek out of any sticky situation in style with these surplus snowshoes.

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