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I am a big fan of shoot ‘em up movies (yes, I loved The Expendables), and guns in movies, be them real or fantasy. Sometimes I get so distracted checking out the guns and trying to name them, that I lose track of the movie. Doh! True Story: My movie buddy and I went to see The Killers and she whispered to me, “Who is that?” and I replied, “OH! That’s an H&K MP5!” She just laughed at me. Here is a short list of great movie guns:

Century International Arms GP WASR-10

The AK-47 has showed up in many of our favorite movies. This one by Century International Arms is a WASR-10 with a 30-round high-capacity magazine and outfitted with the original-style fixed wooden stock. It includes compensator, bayonet lug, and a bayonet.

The AK-47 is easily the most popular rifle in the entire world. One of my favorite quotes about the AK-47 is from the movie, Jackie Brown: “AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every m*****f***** in the room, accept no substitutes.” (Spoken by Ordell Robbie, played by Samuel L. Jackson.)

12 Gauge Century International Arms JW-2000 Coach Side by Side Shotgun

Who hasn’t called their shotgun a boomstick before? (If you haven’t, I suggest you try it.) Ash, in Army of Darkness, declares his “boomstick” a Remington, which in fact, is not a Remington in the film. International Movie Firearms Database thinks it is a 12-gauge Stoeger Coach gun, but cannot confirm that.

This Century International Arms JW-2000 Coach side-by-side shotgun looks very similar to Ash’s shotgun. This 12-gauge scattergun has a 20-inch barrel, a 3-inch chamber and a walnut-stained hardwood stock.

Nate Steere on wrote, “you know a gun is worth its weight when a guy with a chainsaw for a hand still bothers carrying it around.”

Cimarron Holy Smoker SA Revolver

This Cimarron “Holy Smoker” single-action revolver is a replica of the Single-Action Army revolver that Ben Wade, played by Russell Crowe, carried in the re-made Western 3:10 to Yuma. In the film, they call the revolver “The Hand of God.” The Cimarron Holy Smoker features a gold-plated, sterling silver cross inlay in the grip, just like Ben Wade’s in the movie.

“The Hand of God” was said to be cursed, as anyone who touched it, besides Wade, was supposed to die. I highly doubt that the Holy Smoker is cursed, but for a good story, you sure could say it is.

The Holy Smoker is a .45 Colt wheel gun with a case hardened, old-model steel frame and is 4.75” long.

Springfield Armory Loaded M1A Semi-Automatic Rifle .308 Winchester

Ah, one of my all-time favorite movies: Full Metal Jacket. So many of the memorable scenes and quotes from this movie are about the M1A (M14) rifle:

  • “This is my rifle, this is my gun! This is for fightin’, this is for fun!”
  • “There are many like it, but this one is mine.”
  • “Seven. Point. Six Two. Millimeter. Full. Metal. Jacket.”

The M14 is also the rifle the Army issued to my father while serving. The M14/M1A, based on the design of the M1 Garand, began production in 1957 by Harrington & Richardson, Springfield Armory, Winchester, and TRW. Springfield is the only company still manufacturing the M1A rifle. A collector’s original pre-1968 M14 in excellent condition can rake in $18,000! That is if you can find one.

This new production Springfield M1A, chambered for 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) has a 22” National Match barrel, a 10-round magazine, a two-stage military, match-tuned trigger, and a classic American walnut stock.

Finally, I have to give a shout-out to my favorite fantasy movie gun of all time; Cherry Darling’s (Rose McGowan) AR-15 leg in Planet Terror. What are some of your favorite movie guns, even fantasy ones? Loved the mini gun in Predator? Tell us about it!

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  1. Fulton Armory and James River Armory are also making the M1A. Fulton Armory makes it in all configurations, and James River makes it in original M1A configuration and Squad Scout configuration, but with a 19 1/2 inch barrel, I believe.

  2. I m looking for large capicity magazine for a Harrington / Richardson Mod. 700 .22 mag. They are about 20 / 25 rounds. Can you help me ? Please. maybe steer me to someone who may have some.
    Thank you

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