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Everyday Carry Loadout

EDC or everyday carry are the items you find essential to carry with you everyday—usually in your pockets or a purse—no matter whether you are going to work or running a few errands. EDC usually goes along with a preparedness mindset and certainly aligns itself with the concealed carry lifestyle.

Some people carry very little, while others carry a small bug-out kit. Largely depending on what you do on a daily basis, what you include in your EDC is usually determined, or in some cases, limited by what you do for a living. If your office does not allow guns, you must adapt. If you drive around checking oil rigs in the country, you probably carry more. Furthermore, women have an advantage because we usually carry a purse large enough to pack everything but the kitchen sink. I have laid a lot of my EDC on the table before—you will be surprised how many alternative ways you can use normal items. Your EDC includes the tools you find necessary for self-defense, emergencies and every day tasks and generally include a weapon, knife, keys, money and a flashlight.

The gear you pick for your EDC should be dependable, reliable and functional.

I asked around and got plenty of willing participates to take pictures on their cell phones of their EDC. You will see from the gallery below that everyone has their own preference for guns, lights and knives.

Picture shows a Glock 19, Kershaw knife with black handle and a Streamlight Microstream flashlight.
EDC 1 carrier one likes the GLOCK 19, Kershaw and Streamlight.


  • GLOCK 19 Gen 4
  • Raven Vanguard 2 holster
  • Kershaw Thermite
  • Steamlight Microstream with a spare battery


  • GLOCK 19 with Trijicon RMR
  • Raven Vanguard 2 holster
  • Kahr PM9 in homemade leather holster
  • Paracord key fob
  • Spyderco pocket knife
  • Maxpedition belt
  • Streamlight ProTac 2L
  • Gerber Artifact
  • Kershaw Ken Onion Whirlwind
  • iPhone in Mapul case
  • SpecOps The Wallet Jr.


  • GLOCK 19 with Ameriglo Sights
  • Custom Kydex holster with custom double magazine pouch
  • White Hat holster
  • Extra GLOCK 19 magazines
  • Cold Steel Recon 1 knife with Tanto blade
  • Streamlight ProTac 2L light
  • Winchester PDX 147-grain 9mm Bonded
Picture shows a two-toned SIG P226 pistol, a flashlight and knife.
EDC 4 is a minimalist, only carrying a gun, knife and light.


  • SIG Sauer P226 with Meprolight night sights
  • Surefire Charlie knife
  • Surefire EB1 Backup light


  • Boker Kalashnikov knife
  • Streamlight Microstream
  • Streamlight Nano


  • Springfield XD-S .45 ACP
  • Extra seven-round magazine
  • Blackhawk magazine pouch
  • Lone Star Tactical Ranger IWB holster
  • Gerber F.A.S.T. knife
  • UltraFire CREE LED light
  • Remington Golden Saber 230-grain JHP ammo

What is included in your EDC? Why? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Comments (26)

  1. There is a definite move away from .38 carry in your articles: Even a comment made in one your articles about comfort: ” Giving up your .45 for the comfort of a .38. ” Well I give up having to worry about a chambered round, I give up that I don’t have to worry if a round doesn’t chamber. Unless you are in the wrong place and considering the average amount of rounds fired in a civilian confrontation and the reliability the .38 is the way to go, in my opinion, of course. Maybe you could do a poll on how many do carry .38 and you could expand your holster market for more .38 gear.
    Steve Kaldi
    Las Vegas

  2. – Glock 43 in Blade-Tech “Klipt” holster
    – Kershaw Volt, Link, or Burst
    – All-ATT super thin wallet
    – Victorinox “Manager” pocket knife
    – ITP “A3 EOS” v3 light
    – iPhone 6 plus in Tech21 “Impactology Classic” case
    – Keys with Mizitao “monkey fist” steel ball in paracord keychain
    – 1oz silver piece

    1. Almost forgot… also EDC a mini Bic lighter. Stopped carrying one years ago when I quit smoking, but recently dropped one in my pocket again to light fireworks. Forgot how useful they are, so it’s stayed in my pocket ever since.

  3. Check out the Para Cord blog from a few weeks ago. Key ring with a 6 inch lanyard becomes a Cat of nine tails. I put a lanyard with a small loop on my old Buck folding knife. Later I realized it had become a heavy sap or black jack. A belt wrapped around your hand with the buckle in front works like brass knuckles. The belt is a whip. You have more options than you think.

  4. I don’t see how you carry all that stuff day and and day out.

    On my person, just a 9mm Kimber Solo and Zero Tolerance 350 knife.

    Sometime my phone, but I live in Texas, so I’m usually in a Tee shirt and shorts. Most of those EDC packages would require a couple of shirts, a man purse, and a backpack.

    My car has more stuff, as does my house. But for everyday carry, less is more often actually carried.

  5. If you drive a truck and even look like you might be a contractor then your defensive options are unlimited. A pole saw becomes a pike ,Thor used a hammer,nails and screws on the road to buy time in a chase or cause a road block..With the stuff I carry to use at work I could arm a small mob.Sharpen a point on a 1×2.Remember Macgyver.

  6. There have been some on here who like to carry knives. I too like to carry knives. I have a SAK in my pocket at all times. I also carry a Leatherman Micra in a pocket (one of the most useful little tools ever invented. I use it nearly every day). When not in dress clothes I have a Leatherman Wave on my belt. I have a variety of other knives, not counting special kitchen knives. I. Like both folders and fixed blades.

  7. Almost forgot… the CZ 75 is not too big to carry. You just have to tinker with positioning.
    I’m 70 inches in bare feet, 215 pounds, and hide the CZ quite well under an untucked Polo shirt, appendix-style. I can’t do this in summer, because my sweat will put rust on stainless steel in a couple of hours.
    My buddy is 67 inches, 180 pounds, and has carried a full-size 1911 for over 15 years under similar clothing. He has it on the point of his hip, which conceals for him but not for me. He’s okay with blued steel, because he doesn’t sweat acid. Appendix carry doesn’t work for him, because of middle-age belly. Experiment before you give up on carrying your preferred gun.

    1. The other Scott. I mostly meant the CZ75 is too heavy compared to other gun, including guns I own. I, too own a custom 1911, but I won’t carry it. I have a nice S&W 5943 that is as good as any gun for carry or shooting I have a CZ 75 compact which I prefer over my full size.

  8. I have six knives on me when I leave the house, although two of them are multi-tools rather than “tactical” items. I picked this up from a cop who had learned the value of having a weapon accessible no matter what position he ended up in. The larger ones can serve as impact weapons when closed.
    My Streamlight Microstream is on my collar almost continuously. Since it’s summer, I’ve brought out my S&W Shield. I favor a CZ 75 if I can comfortably wear more than a light T-shirt. Add keys, wallet and phone. For any more than that, I break out an HP laptop case which some silly person threw away – I don’t like bags with a “tactical” look (black nylon, MOLLE webbing, etc), because I figure looking tactical makes you the next target after uniformed cops.

    1. Multiple blades are a good idea.They don’t have to be tactical.Get a tactical pen.It will do just about the same job and is open carry. If the girl friend won’t carry a knife teach her to use a pen.The big difference between a combat knife and a stake knife is what you stick it in. I also carry a SOG tactical tomahawk in the cab of my truck. It rides in the tool/junk box between the seats. I do use it for work. Grab it by the end of the handle to punch right.Grab the head at the handle to cross and punch left.CTD sells them. I gave several as christmas gifts. They were the big hit of the day. In the truck I also carry a hay fork {used it to back down a angry dog} and a machete.Learn to use what you have around you that may not be a weapon.

    2. Old and grumpy, i’m probably older and grumpier than you but we sure have learned a lot in all these years. Learning to use whatever is around you as a weapon is good advice. For that reason i studied the Filipino art of Arnis de Mano, which is like Escrima hand, knife, and stick fighting. Never get in a fight with a Filipino with a stick or knife in his hand.

    3. Ross, NO KIDDING. Olongapo {1972} was the best port of call. Remember that the fighting 100 years ago in the P.I. is why the army gave up on the .38 and went to the .45 acp. The .38 would NOT stop them! P.I.- good place good people!

  9. BUGOUT BAG Have a plan and a bag. A bag in he trunk of your car in case of a traffic accident or medical emergency and you are on the way to the hospital. Have a contact list with your family, doctor and someone who can take care of your weapon and your car. Have your prescription list in there along with few days worth of drugs along with a few changes of underwear and .socks. Use caution with any information in you car that could lead a thief back to your home along with any keys or garage opener if the vehicle is towed.

    You might also keep an old cell phone in there is a plastic bag with a car charger. Even if it has no service as long as it turns on it will get 911. Stay Safe.

    1. Good post. Good advice. I know I’ve been there done that. Be careful thieves get in and steal. I’ve seen it too many times, and I’ve been the victim myself. Never lost a gun, but I did lose a handheld radio.

  10. I own a Walther PPQ (4″brl, 15 or 17 +1) but I do not want to haul it around. My EDC is a Ruger LCR .357 in a tiny Galco Stinger OWB with 1 Bianchi Quick Strip holding 5 more Hornady C.D. 125gr. I carry the Quick Strip in a fold close (magnet) smartphone case clipped on the front of my 5.11 black belt. My Olight M18 Maverick 500 lumen torch stays in bedside biometric safe with the PPQ and I carry a Maglite XL50 110 lumen. My Kershaw Ken Onion Shallot is always clipped on me somewhere depending on clothes choice. Other than its an iPhone, lighter and a couple Peter Stokkebye home rolleds.

  11. I am not a cop so I would only carry a real EDC for self protection. I used to have a Glock–17 or 19, I can’t remember, but I hated it. The Glocks are too bulky. Right now I’m looking for a carry gun for my wife. I may like the Kahr, Kimber Solo, the new Sig, or whatever is not blocky. I want a flat, small carry gun. Actually, I guess I want a double action, when it comes right down to it.

    1. Ross, I carry, most every day, all day even at home, a Kahr, P 380, in a Uncle George holster, in my hip pocket. Works for me, very comfortable , and concealable. Good for someone with small hands.

    2. Donald, thanks for the comment. A Kahr was at the top of my list, but the guy at a large gun store in Texas told me he had worked in that gun shop 3 years and only 4 Kahrs had been sold: all returned. I don’t know why. I have always loved CZs. I have two. Gave one to my daughter. The other one is a full-sized 75, so it’s too big and heavy to carry. My wife wants a house gun. I’m thinking of the CZ 2075 RAMI. I wonder if anyone here knows anything about them. CZs are the standard of the world outside the U.S. Most cops in many other countries carry a CZ, according to reports I’ve heard and read.


    3. Donald, you are 100% correct on the Kahr P380. Great little gun and the most accurate .380 I have ever shot. The only difference is I love the Desantis superfly pocket holster. It is sticky and stays in the pocket as well.

    4. ross, Taurus makes PT738 is light weight little kick and very easy to conceal my wife and I both carry one. being a 380 don’t think it will not do the job because it WILL7

  12. Add a P38 can opener to key ring.Quarters for air pump at gas station.Small note pad and pen. this is important for those of us who enjoyed the 1970s.The pen sticking out between the fingers of a closed fist is a legal open carry tool.The corner of a credit card can be ground razor sharp.I don’t understand people who always can not find there keys, phone, glasses, ect. When you walk out the door without your stuff you should feel undressed.

    1. Get a Tactical pen from CTD. Suzanne, in the Peoples Republic of California I have seen many men carrying a purse.

    2. Every time I see one of those maxpedition sling packs, I think “that, sir, is a f’king purse.”

      Don’t wear one of those. Just don’t.

    3. Josh, LMO when I read your post. I feel the same way. Also, I don’t like just one strap, the pack doesn’t carry that well for me for any time at all.

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