Customer Reviews: $2 H&K G3 Mags Are a Hit

Members of our community aren’t shy about saying what they like — and don’t like — in the “Customer Review” areas of Cheaper Than Dirt’s web pages. Reviews from actual purchasers contain hands-on, specific advice about the pros and cons of products our customers spent hard-earned money on. Case in point: 345 members of the Cheaper Than Dirt community who have purchased certain H&K G3 magazines rate them 4.5 on Cheaper Than Dirt’s 5-bullet scale.

The $1.97 H&K G3 Grade II 20-round aluminum mil-surp magazines for the 7.62x51mm cartridge rate 4.5 on CTD!’s 5-bullet customer-review scale.

Cheaper Than Dirt! obtained a huge quantity of H&K G3 magazines at a great price — these factory German H&K magazines for the Model 91 or G-3 .308 rifle are only $1.97. Of 345 customer reviews, 251 were 5 bullets (73%); 71 were 4 bullets (20%); 9 were 3 bullets (3%); 5 were 2 bullets (1%); and 9 were 1-bullet ratings (3%).

The magazines are Grade II, 20-round-capacity, aluminum-bodied military-surplus types. All military-surplus products are used. Grade II means each mag is in good condition, but may show minor use. The H&K G3 mags, product number MAG-304, also fit PTR-91 rifles, and can fit CETME rifles with some minor adjustments.

There are 69 pages of customer reviews on this product. Here’s a sampling of what the community had to say about the H&K G3 7.62x51mm magazines: Reviewer RMacSTL wrote, “I have 50 of these. Fortunately, I got them when they were a buck each, but this is still a great deal. I estimate that 90% of them needed some work — nothing mechanical and no parts replacement — just steel wool, WD-40, and elbow grease. Remove the floor plate, spring, and follower and start scrubbing. After cleaning, I ran half of them through two different PTR-91s and had ZERO feed or ejection issues. Get them now and get a bunch! I gave them four bullets because I had to spend a couple of hours on them, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” Reviewer Kevin Howard wrote, “This was my third order of these, and only one of the 28 was dented, but I repaired it. The rest were perfect. Great product. Will order more.” Reviewer rybur wrote, “Bought six of these. Four were H&K, one was Rheinmetall, and one was Norwegian Kongsberg. The worst one was a ’75 H&K that was dinged in a few places and worn, but the follower is not obstructed and feeds fine. Another one had light rust on the follower and floor plate, but some oil cleaned it right up. For this price, I feel like I stole them. Buy a bunch before they run out. Now for some mag pouches.”

The similar Grade III H&K G3 7.62x51mm steel magazines (used, fair condition, show normal wear and tear from daily use) earned 90 customer reviews with an overall 4-bullet rating.

Reviewer HK guy wrote, “Cosmetically a little rough. Wear spots through the finish on some, others look new. For this cheap, I can’t complain.” Reviewer Shadowproject wrote, “I ordered 10 of these, and received them very fast. All 10 showed some degree of minor wear, but that’s the key word – MINOR WEAR. Eight of them had just some cosmetic high edge wear from use, the other two had a couple small dents in the magazine body, but nothing that stopped them from functioning just fine. Six required nothing more than a fast wipe down with an oiled cloth, but the other four needed a little more attention and some dust removal. Sure, these aren’t the prettiest mint condition magazines for your safe queen, but they’re functional, and CHEAP! For the $$ I spent on these 10 magazines, I feel like I stole them.” If you’ve purchased either of these magazines, we’d love to hear what you thought about them.

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  1. I bought around 50 of the aluminum ones when they where 99¢/mag, which is a crazy deal on magazines, for my two CETME. I only had Three that where too banged up to use except for parts… the rest I cleaned and had to do some minor mods to make them fit. They work great, what more can you expect from such a affordable magazine. A Ruger mag for a Mini 14 is almost $50, just for one.

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