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AMM 653 Ammo and cartridge


Military Surplus Ammunition

Ammunition availability is something experienced shooters consider when purchasing a firearm. Check out this post for tips on getting the right kind.

Copper tipped 208 grain .308 bullet


Ballistic Coefficient

The ballistic coefficient lets you know how well the bullet flies through the air. Read this post for a simple formula to calculate it for your ammo.

Mossberg Tactical .22 Rifle


Mossberg Tactical .22

Mossberg released their entry into the rimfire AR-15 style rifle they’ve dubbed the Tactical .22. When creating their new rifle, Mossberg saw no reason to reinvent the wheel. They essentially put a 702 Plinkster inside an AR-15 style body. The Tactical .22 utilizes standard Plinkster magazines housed inside an AR style magazine body. Naturally it also has the Plinkster’s well known accuracy and reliability.