Brady Campaign Goes All In to Prop Up Hillary with “Visionary” Award

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There is an old adage that you know a politician is lying because their lips are moving. For most, when it comes to Hillary Clinton and guns, that is more than enough. Then, of course, there is Hillary’s anti Second Amendment record.

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence Logo
The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is suing businesses that supplied ammunition and gear to alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes.

Well, after all she is from New York, which makes the next bit of news even less surprising—Hillary is the first recipient. The real knee-slapper is the name of the award—”The Mario Cuomo Visionary Award.” Perhaps they view attempting to strip us of our Second Amendment rights to be visionary.

The message was the usual rhetoric, “the whole world wants more gun regulation and the only thing standing in the way is the NRA and a few negligent politicians controlled by the NRA.” Hillary was hoisted on the virtual shoulders of the gun control crowd and praised for her “courage” in attacking the fundamental rights of Americans. Cuomo said, “The gun issue is the best proxy of our time to judge the essence of an elected official.” He went on to say, “and Hillary Clinton has shown again and again—and I’ve worked with her for over 20 years—all her life, whether it be the radical right, or the forces against a woman’s right to choose, or big oil and gas, or the NRA, or the gun companies, Hillary Clinton will stand strong by her word her convictions and her principles.” hillaryclintonThe award, and in fact the whole faux praise was little more than pandering to the gun control base. Stripping citizens of their Constitutional rights does not make you brave, strong, and it is not the resume item of someone who needs to be leading our country. As the NRA opined, “It is a blind adherence to a gun control ideology.” Hillary, like other politicians who espouse the radical rhetoric of gun control, relies on misrepresentations, cherry-picked facts to skew the reality, and blinders to facts and figures that do not support their points of view (The NRA pointed out that “for instance, Clinton called “gun violence” a “national emergency” when in reality violent crime is at a near all–time low”), mental health is an inconvenient truth and terrorists wearing suicide vests with AK-47s are not members of radical Islam, but rather another tragedy to be exploited for political purposes. Hillary, like so many other anti-gun activists, seeks to capitalize on any tragedy by stating it as a reason to pass more gun laws— even tragedies that involve explosives and illegal arms in France.

The night was everything you would imagine—a bunch of like-minded gun grabbers telling each other how smart they are while drinking the Kool-Aid. It was also a night you and I should take notice of. The 2016 elections are around the corner and it is our Second Amendment rights they are looking to take.

How do you feel about the upcoming election? Is the Second Amendment in danger? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. I’ll give up my guns, and my second amendment rights when Hiliary Clinton and the rest of the anti-gun politicians give up their security details and walk the streets of cities, like Chicago (where there are the strictest of gun laws), without their security details.

  2. To DPRATO
    . Prices for ammo are “up a bit” ?? Prior to the Clintobama dictatorships, I could buy .22 ammo for $10-12 a brick, often cheaper. A box of 30-30 for $8 . 5.56 for a nickel apiece etc., etc. AR’s and AK’s are not what I call “cheap” at $600-1500. SKS’s were $89-99 apiece. You must be rich.

  3. The government makes a lot more money off the fear-mongering and resultant record-breaking increases in firearm and ammunition purchases. Everybody seems to forget the Pittman-Robertson taxes
    silently extracted from each purchase. Surely the figures are in the tens, if not hundreds millions, and ironically, probably used for anti-gun programs. The tax goes back to the 1920’s I believe. As a matter of fact, I’d like to see a rundown of what has actually been done with this money., and what methods the crap-heads in congress have surely used to get their hands on it for purposes it wasn’t intended for.
    I suspect it would be another major scandal if pursued.

  4. Well not exactly. When you buy guns or ammo from a dealer the only thing the Governement gets is their normal sales tax. So it might be a bit higher if prices go up but prime beneficiary is the dealer and manufacturer of the guns or ammo. However, while those things are in supply prices are still pretty good. I check the sites frequently and while ammo is up a bit if you shop around and buy in bulk you can still get good deals. Ar15’s and Ak47’s can be bought at low prices and still get very good quality. I know as I have bought a number of them recently.

  5. Didn’t she get the Brady Award in the not too distant past?

    I consider the anti-gun people to be misinformed at best and deluded at worst. However, the politicos who promote the anti-gun agenda are, in my opinion, TRAITORS. They all took or plan to take, oaths to “Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic”. Any activity to circumvent the letter and intent of the Constitution, and the rulings of the Judicial Branch, is an act of treason. It is a violation of “peoples trust” that they will be equally represented. If the Legislative Branch will not act, then the people have the right to legally act within the scope of the Constitution, and to hold a tribunal indicting those who have violated the rights of the people.

  6. The sad part (and the most difficult to overcome) is that these people have espoused their crap for so long that (just like the global warmers) they actually believe it and once you have crossed that line and surround yourself with other like minded individuals it is all over, these people get together and spend the evening telling each other how smart they are and how awesome their point of view is, unlike the unwashed masses whom are unfit to breathe the same air as they. Personally I would like to see all anti second amendment politicians give up their armed body guards, that would go a long way in convincing me that at least they are honestly committed to their beliefs.. Not that I really give a damn, but hey, I’m just sayin’.

  7. We all know that the end result of all their efforts will be more guns sold, more ammunition sold, more people getting conceal and carry permits,
    more women arming themselves (which I think is great), and more people voting against Hillary and any Congressman supporting that point of view.
    In a way it is a good thing because every time these people burp they get the exact opposite reaction of what is intended. As far as I am concerned they can take a hike. Hillary belongs in jail.

    1. If you dig deep enough into their finances you’ll most likely find that these assholes are all heavily invested in arms and ammo manufacturers (how long did it take for steel core 5.56/.223 to settle after Obama went after it). They make threats and people panic (recall the run on ammo and the bullpit price jump last year) Obama says get the AR’s and the price of an AR nearly doubles, get the green tip and all of a sudden you can’t even find the stuff… Every time there is a threat there is panic and every time he’s called on it, Obama backs down, Moochell gets her next buying spree in Europe…. We get played and they get payed

  8. We need to stay as committed to our idealist as they are to theirs. We cannot give an inch because that inch only encourages them to fight for the next inch. Incremental tyranny!!

  9. The f****ing Democrats & their “gimme” programs = promise the voters (which they want to include ILLEGAL aliens) anything/everything and they will vote Democrat for at least 3 generations! The source of this “theory”, Lyndon B. Johnson. Worked then, still is.

  10. Well did anyone see ABC news tonight? Since the incident in Colorado where that nut case went on his shooting spree the police have not released any details of his motives or weapons used BUT ABC just reported he had a bag full of AK47’s and pistols.
    Now since no details have been released this shows how liberal this organization has become, between their cheering for the gay liberation sector and their antigun agenda I have finally turn them off.
    Hildabeast will be the end if she gets elected I just pray that the candidate for the republicans can honestly beat her or we are doomed.

    1. Early statements indicated this was an attack on Planned Parenthood as it was alleged that he made statements to the cops about no more baby parts and other incoherent crap none of which was substantiated and since none of his victims were either employees or patrons of Planned Parenthood. Of course this means nothing to the MSM as they have reported that the guy is a Conservative Christian determined to halt the sale of baby body parts, however his voter registration card indicates that he is an independent woman.. all I can say in response to that after having seen her “Damn she is one butt ugly creature”

    2. News Flash…. Dateline San Berdoo Commiefornia… CNN first reported the Terror attack on a Christmas party to actually be a mass murder by a crazed, Right Wing, Christian, NRA life member, combat vet, with a tank, a hummer, and an M-60 machine gun at a Planned Parenthood breast cancer screening facility for the blind and or physically and or mentally handicapped.. He was reportedly shouting “enough of this disgusting display of bare breasts” as he methodically approached each individual present and fired a burst of 7.62 mm rounds in their chest and head before moving to his next victim.. When it was later discovered that the nearest Planned Parenthood facility was actually over a mile and a half away CNN simply added the words “could have been” (a mass murder at……) and when it was further disclosed that it was a man and wife and they were Muslim and the guy actually worked with the victims they (instead of walking it back admitting their error) continued with their Planned Parenthood scenario stating that they were accomplices of the crazed Christian combat vet that had gone to the wrong address but decided to go ahead and kill everyone there and later they could explain that they “thought” this was the Planned Parenthood facility that was actually their intended target but their GPS was reading the signal of a defunct decommissioned satellite that was shut down due to it’s consistent failure to give accurate directions….
      Disclaimer: Some or all of this comment may or may not be entirely accurate, however in deference to CNN I will stand by some or all of my statement unless any part of or all of this statement is proven to be inaccurate. Should those circumstances come about I will simply walk away from the statement and should I be questioned on my sources for the information contained in the previous statement I will just deny having made any such comments and use the tried and true “someone must have hacked into my computer and posted those inaccuracies in an attempt to discredit me as a viable source of critical information”…. I will then leave the statement available to anyone whom might possibly read it and go so far as to repeat the information as the truth and should that occur I will of course unequivocally deny, deny ,deny while alluding to the possibility that it “could” possibly happen that way in the future and should that happen I can say “see, I told you, but you did not believe me”…..

  11. The 2 nd Amendment is not a “government ” given right. It can’t take your rights if you don’t ALLOW it to be taken, AND ARE WILLING TO STAND UP TO DEFEND. With that being said, bring on all the Liberal trolls with all the sissy comments that “they will come at 3 a,m. and haul you off…. What ever. I need some target practice anyways….
    As most pro Constitutional Americans ( as compared to the Anti- Constitutional sheep , we KNOW the Constitution was to LIMIT the Government, not limit the CITIZEN. So, let the games begin. Trump, Cruz, Carson,and most other Republican candidates would not “infringe” on our gun rights, Killery Klinton will most assured, try her dang best to take them. Whether she could succeed in the actual PROHIBITION? Maybe. Actually getting them out of our hands? NEVER.

    1. Show up at my house at 3 AM and you will most likely find me wide awake (PTSD never “sleeps”)

  12. Yes not only the 2nd Amendment but the entire constitution is in trouble as long as the Democrats are in charge they are going to want to disarm America so they can install their New World Order. They can not do it as long as we are armed because we will resist. So we must stand and fight. We must not weaken, we must not give in.

  13. If Clinton gets elected there will be a Revolution . There are so many gun laws between the states and Fed one cant keep track. She will get the entire Black Vote other votes will be split , there ya go. People need to tell all friends and family (even non gun owners) To get out the Vote . NRA and 2A Society need to keep filing Lawsuits NJ especially where ALL Gun owners are at risk.. She is an Imminent DANGER to ALL peoples Rights .

  14. It’s amazing to me that the Brady bunch is even still around after what a useless effort the Brady Assault Weapon ban was. Every bit of research conducted by anyone provided results that indicated it had a zero effect on crime. But then . . I guess zeros are happy with zeros, essentially why the Brady bunch and Clinton are such good buds.

    1. Bryan Miller of Ceasefire is a Nut Job who will never go away . Just like Sen. Sweeney of NJ . Wonder how many of these Anti Gun politicians are taking money ,,, Like say from Bloomberg ? New Jersey has been getting away with alot for alota years (hear it NRA) ???

  15. I fear the 2d. Amendment, as we know it, it will soon be a thing of the past. Once the liberal courts get their hands on the new legislation that will surely be coming down the pike, they will twist the meaning of the 2d. to fit the gun grabbing legislation. While there may be more who believe the 2d. amendment is there for a good reason than those who want to jettison it, too many of the former will stay home on election day or will not mail in their ballots giving the gun grabbers a win. It need not happen, just get out and vote. Please.

  16. Personally I think the Brady campaign is out of line and has been for years. At the time of the original incident anyone could walk in and buy a handgun, but Hinkley’s actions of firearm purchases did not go unnoticed by law enforcement. It was reported to Secret Service. The Incident represents Secret Service failures, which have never been addressed today.

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