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Range Report: The Walther P22

Beyond the Bond films, Walther has a serious following among firearms enthusiasts. While the .22 LR is not a primary self defense round for most, practice and plinking with a .22 LR pistol is another story. Bob Campbell puts the Walther P22 through it s paces at the range and has a few choice opinions.

A black SAR 9mm with a box of PowerStrike Ammunition against a background of gray boards.


Allegiance Ammunition PowerStrike

The Allegiance Ammunition PowerStrike gets the author’s highest recommendation for frangibility and affordability. Read this post to learn why adding this ammunition to your home defense arsensal is an excellent choice.

Five AR-15 magazines with a gold-toned one on the left and four others in shades of gray on a white background.


Magazine Maintenance

A magazine isn’t an accessory; it is a necessity AND it is a renewable resource. When you use the tips and steps in this article, you can renew those magazines you thought were headed for the trash bin.

Chiappa 1911-22 pistol with two magazines


Chiappa’s Affordable 1911-22

The Chiappa 1911-12 is a reliabile, inexpensive pistol and a great starter for anyone and a must have for a 1911 fan. It takes less cleaning than most guns in this category and is great for both marksmanship training and recreation.


Lightfield’s Rubber Ball Loads

Don’t scoff too quickly at adding a less-than-lethal shotgun round to your arsenal. It may give piece of mind when taking that first shot. It may also be the perfect solution to ward off scavengers when defending your preps in a shorter-term emergency. Bob Campbell makes a case for rubber ball shotgun ammunition you can’t afford to miss.


Shooting the Russian 7.62×54

There is no reason to fear the surplus ammunition. Clean up is quicker, and easier, than black powder with these few simple steps. If you enjoy shooting surplus ammunition or own a WWI vintage rifle such as the Mosin Nagant, you need to read this article. P.S. Bob Campbell also shows why the 7.62x54R is also an ultimate prepper round…


The Mosin Nagant — A Must Own Rifle

The Mosin Nagant rifle has been produced in more quantities, over a longer period, than any other bolt-action rifle. The rifle deserves a book-length study. There are a number of tidbits of information that are helpful to the beginning shooter. Read this article to learn more.


Bersa Handguns—An Inexpensive Handgun You Can Trust

The Bersa .380 ACP is an excellent, lightweight, easy-to-shoot handgun that’s easy on the budget of the working person. Offered in full size, and compact versions in 9mm, .40 and .45, these pistols feature a double-action first shot and decocker safety. Read this article to learn why my favorite example is an Ultra Compact .45 version with stainless slide.