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The .38 Special Revolver Cartridge

The .38 Special Revolver Cartridge has a long history and is well-balanced, inexpensive and works well for a careful handloader. It has become so popular that every manufacturer has handguns chambered in .38 Special.

Glock 19 in black leather holster resting on swatches of exotic skins.


Do You Need a GLOCK 19 Pistol?

The Glock 19 pistol is an innovative solution with a unique trigger design and little need for maintenance. You can easily add night sights so you have a 24-hour option and it is easily carried because it is so compact and light.

A black Kahr K9, muzzle pointing right, on a gray to white background. The focus is on the excellent machine work.

Range Reports

Kahr K9: Excellence in Design

The Kahr K9 carries easily and is accurate for long-ish personal defense range (even though it was originally an off duty gun for peace officers). It is substantial with good heft and is comfortable to fire. With proper concealment gunleather, the K 9 conceals and carries as well as lighter handguns

A gray SIG P250, right facing muzzle on a light gray background.


In the Company of SIGs

The SIGs are a versatile, innovative and reliable handgun used by military units and civilians alike. They have undergone some of the most intensive testing around and been chosen by everyone from the French police to German police dealing with acts of terrorism.


Canik 55 Shark 9mm Pistol, a Handy, Accurate Choice

The Canik 55 Shark 9mm Pistol is a handy, accurate choice with a spare magazine. Backed by a top notch manufacturer, this handgun weighs only 27 ounces and has a 3.9″ barrel with a double-action trigger. The combination of good sights, a good trigger action and a low bore axis add up to a pistol that is pleasant to use and fire.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Women’s Holsters

For women, making sure you can get to your concealed weapon is essential, as is safety.Whether you choose an inside-the-waistband option or the DeSantis IWB Tuck or one of the most versatile designs to come along (The Betty from Looper), there are many options to make sure you have that handgun with you and easily accessible when you need it.

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RIO 12 Gauge Buckshot

Discover the versatile Rio 12 gauge buckshot: It’s inexpensive, readily available and works great for home defense and taking out a pest. They’re great for moving from a training with birdshot to training with the real thing so students get the “feel” for the field.

The CRKT Minimalist, side view, being held on a brown background with leaves

Blades and Knives

CRKT: A Winning Combination of Value and Performance

Knives are often an investment and, at times, a throw away item. The CRKT product isn’t expensive, but it isn’t cheap, and that is a good place to be for a service-grade working tool. Among the most enjoyable knives I have run across in some time is the new production version of Brian Tighe’s My Tighe.

The Ruger SR1911 CMD .45 with a Two-Tone soft gray green treatment with brown grip against a log


Ruger’s SR1911 CMD .45—The Right Gun at the Right Time

Advances in firearms are often slower and incremental in nature. Society changes but slowly and so do society’s tools. When the 1911 pistol was adopted for U.S. military use and then a generation later improved into the 1911A1, few could foresee the tremendous popularity of the type. The 1911 went from a fight-winning pistol to a handgun used in competition and which won every competition it entered. Read this article to learn how Ruger has made improvements on this standard.

A well-used Makarov, laying on it's side on a gray background.still in working order


The Makarov

The Makarov, among the best buys and most effective compact pistols on the market, is well made and powerful. In fact, it is considered one of the finest, small caliber pistols ever made. It outshoots more expensive handguns and never seems to break or malfunction.