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S&W 460 XVR


SHOT 2014 — Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460 XVR

Smith & Wesson are obviously known for their revolvers, and with good reason. We got a change to get a close-up look at Smith & Wesson’s booth at the 2014 SHOT Show and were treated with a huge wall of Performance Center eye candy

R-51 Hands-on


SHOT Show 2014 — Hands on Remington’s R51

When I picked up the R51, it fit snugly in my hand while feeling better than most compact concealable pocket pistols. My pinky didn’t fall off the end of the grip and the sights were easy to see. The gun is considerably thin, while not feeling like I’m holding an uncomfortable wafer thin piece of cardboard. Will this handgun live up to the hype?


NRA Women: The Suzie Brewster Story

The month’s Armed & Fabulous Profile “Leading the Pack” features Diana Award-winning Suzie Brewster. In addition to helping introduce the shooting sports to thousands of women through the Washington Women’s Shooting Club, Suzie also serves as Co-Chair of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum.

Blue Book of Gun Values

Consumer Information

Blue Booking an Old Relic

I’m betting that if more people knew the monetary value of their firearms, they’d be less likely to just let them sit. I wonder how many people let their guns go for small sums of money, never knowing they let a real gem slip through their fingers. Knowing the value of your firearms could help you to collect a big payday. The Blue Book of Gun Values is a must own for all gun owners.


NRA Women New Energy Profile: Molly Smith

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson Corp. is proud to present our third New Energy profile sponsored by Remington. Meet Smith & Wesson Junior Captain Molly Smith. Molly shares her passions for the Second Amendment, competitive shooting and safe firearm handling.


U.N. Arms Treaty

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton discusses the Obama administration and implications of the United States signing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.