ATF Director Nominee — Record of Protecting 2A Rights

President Trump in a meeting with Chuck Canterbury

President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) has a record of no-nonsense support for the rule of law that clearly extends to respect for the Second Amendment and the firearms industry.

Chuck Canterbury is the President of the 350,000-strong Fraternal Order of Police who would bring to the Director’s office 26 years of law enforcement experience as well as 16 years’ experience in his current role. Canterbury retired as a major with South Carolina’s Horry County Police Department and was inducted into the South Carolina Law Enforcement Hall of Fame.

President Trump in a meeting with Chuck Canterbury before nominating him to run the ATF
President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has a record of no-nonsense support for the rule of law that clearly extends to respect for the Second Amendment and the firearms industry.

Second Amendment Revered

In 2009, during Senate testimony, he made it clear that he holds the Second Amendment as sacrosanct.

“I want no mistake to be made,” Canterbury testified. “I take a back seat to no one in my reverence for the Second Amendment.”

Canterbury also stood up to billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg after the anti-gun funder of Everytown and Moms Demand called the Fraternal Order of Police a “fringe group” for opposing the release of firearms “trace” data which is prohibited by the Tiahrt Amendment. Even Bloomberg’s own police commissioner Ray Kelly opposed the release of ATF trace data. ATF says it shouldn’t be released outside of law enforcement either. Bloomberg didn’t care when he misused this information in so-called “sting” operations against firearms retailers – without the knowledge of either ATF or his own police department – interfering with as many as 18 criminal investigations and forcing ATF to pull agents out of the field for their own protection.

Canterbury blasted Bloomberg, saying, “The real fringe group is the reckless politicians who interfere with law enforcement. I can’t just stand by while politicians grandstand over our issues without understanding the real-world implications.”

Tackling NFL Gun Bias

Canterbury’s support has been more than words. He’s thrown the Fraternal Order of Police’s support behind issues to preserve gun rights and industry initiatives to keep firearms beyond the reach of those who shouldn’t possess them. He put NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on notice in 2013 when he issued a strict “no-guns” policy that included off-duty and retired law enforcement officers. Canterbury denounced Goodell for the ill-advised policy that came on the heels of terrorist attacks against sporting events and concert halls.

“Law enforcement officers, which you regularly employ to protect teams and stadiums in which they play, do not suddenly become a security risk if they attend an NFL game on their day off or after they retire,” Canterbury said in the letter.

In fact, the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 was enacted to allow retired and off-duty police officers should be exempt from carry restrictions so they could be a force to respond to terror threats.

There are more areas of agreement between the Fraternal Order of Police and NSSF on key issues.

Smart Guns a Non-Starter

Mandating the use of authorized-user technology, or so-called “smart guns” is, well, not smart. The Fraternal Order of Police agrees with NSSF the technology is unproven and unreliable.

“Police officers in general, federal officers in particular, shouldn’t be asked to be the guinea pigs in evaluating a firearm that nobody’s even seen yet,” said James Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police. “We have some very, very serious questions.”

The Obama administration concluded the technology wasn’t ready or reliable and abandoned its effort to mandate its adoption by law enforcement with little fanfare.

“Green-Tip” Ammo

Under Canterbury’s leadership, the Fraternal Order of Police also stood against the Obama administration’s attempt to ban “green-tip” ammunition, or 5.56 mm ammunition commonly used in modern sporting rifles. The administration’s reason was to protect law enforcement. The Fraternal Order of Police, though, thought the dust-up wasn’t necessary.

“Any ammunition is of concern to police in the wrong hands, but this specific round has historically not posed a law enforcement problem,” FOP said at the time.

Supporting NSSF’s Real Solutions

There’s still more. The Fraternal Order of Police sees NSSF’s efforts to provide real solutions for safer communities as efforts worth supporting. Canterbury praised the firearms industry’s Don’t Lie for the Other Guy program to prevent straw purchases of firearms.

“I believe campaigns like this are important to deter illegal purchases and to help retailers prevent those purchases from happening in the first place,” he said. “This is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, and I hope that the Justice Department will continue to support the ATF and the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy campaign.”

The Fraternal Order of Police also supports NSSF’s Project Childsafe initiative to partner with more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies to provide more than 38 million firearms safety kits including gun locks free to communities. In 2015, they supported NSSF’s $2.4 million cooperative grant with the Department of Justice to continue the program.

Most recently, Canterbury writing for the Fraternal Order of Police sent a support letter to U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for his expected re-introduction of the Federal Firearms Licensee Protection Act, legislation supported by NSSF. The legislation would strengthen criminal penalties for firearms thefts from FFLs.

It’s a long list. Then again, Chuck Canterbury has respected and supported the same ideas as NSSF for a long time.

Will Chuck Canterbury as the ATF Director be a win for the Second Amendment in your eyes?

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Comments (14)

  1. Those reasons in your article seem good but yet Gun Owners of America are opposed to him and I quote ”
    He’s testified before Congress to support anti-gunners like Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Attorney General Eric Holder.
    Under his watch, the FOP backed Congressional measures to expand the unconstitutional and failing NICS system — which is the same system where 95% of the initial denials are false positives.
    And on the state level, the FOP under his watch has supported Universal Background Checks and opposed Constitutional Carry.”

    I tend to have a little more believe in GOA. Just something for supporters of the Constitution to think about.

  2. I was PRAYING for Trump to win. The alternative was terrifying. All was going well until the bumpstock BETRAYAL, and now this. Still …. much better than the alternativ(s).

    I am also pretty disappointed in CTD. There appears to be more against Canterbury than what CTD has put forth.

  3. Trump..supporting the 2A? Only when compared to that walking corpse Hillary.

    He UNCONSTITUTIONALLY banned bumpstocks as ‘machinegun’, something alread defined by US law and bump stock do not and have not ever fit that definition.

    Now he says he doesn’t like suppressors.

    Trump is showing very little to TRUST him on when he makes any decision about the 2nd amendment.

  4. Canterbury at face value appears
    to be the man for the job. Anyone
    who stands with the 2nd Amendment
    as the rule and guide will serve this
    Nation well.

  5. This article fails to address Canterbury’s long anti-2A track record of supporting gun-grabbers and gun restrictions. The anti-gun group he chairs, the anti-gun legislation he has supported, and his anti-gun track record is better documented in this article here: I’m disappointed CTD put out such a one-sided and misleading article.

  6. Not sure about this, been a lot of bad talk about Canterbury from GOA and not much good from the NRA either. And in no way do I trust Graham, Graham and Rubio are the ones pushing the Un-Constitutional “Red Flag Law” !!!

  7. Still no word on the Hearing Protection Act! What a disgrace to have to buy a suppressor (you cannot possess or use), pay >$200 for photo/fingerprints/processing fees, wait 9-12 months for a suppressor stamp, and if you don’t get the stamp, the price of the suppressor and filing fees are gone.

  8. Does his support for the second amendment included stopping the Unconstitutional act of banning those bump stocks, which paves the way for more firearm parts to be banned every time one part or another is found at or used in a crime?? They don’t ban cars or trucks when used in a crime!

  9. Boy, it seems that the ASA and NSSF have been busy pushing this hogwash narrative.
    The article above is pretty much a Copy/Paste of the same piece on Ammoland entitled: “ATF Director Nominee On Record For Protecting Second Amendment Rights”

    So, accordingly a similar copy/paste treatment of my comments there.

    Well, that was a fine example of carefully crafted narrative.
    The NSSF clearly knows the real score with Canterbury otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to write such a precise steaming pile of excrement.

    Notice that every example of “”support” for the right to keep and bear arms is entirely focused on the empowerment of police “only ones” or the continued enforcement of existing infringements. Infringements which the NSSF has backed.

    The trace data issue wasn’t about our individual rights to arms, it was about protecting infringers by restricting information about possible police enforcement operations.
    His only issue with the NFL’s ban on guns wasn’t about your rights, it was about those same “only one’s” empowerment to carry guns off duty at NFL events.

    His apparent disagreement over so-called ”smart” guns was entirely rested upon the premise that his” more important than you” police would be the ”guinea pigs” in the experiment with guns designed to fail. Presumably if such devices were ever “perfected” he would have no issues against the government usurping undelegated powers by mandating such devices upon us.

    The same goes for the banning of green tip penetrators.
    Presumably if the data showed that some criminals were using it for crimes in any significant way he would be fine with the unconstitutional prohibition of said ammunition from the possession of such by us unwashed “mundanes.”

    Don’t lie for the other guy is just more reinforcement of the ritualistic oath of fealty to the state and its usurpation of yet another undelegated power over the natural individual right to arms.

    FFLPA is about creating another special privilege for those who have submitted to the state by paying the required protection money for permission from the crown to exercise the right to voluntary exchange.

    So as I see it, there’s not one example of any support or “reverence” for the Second Amendment let alone the individual right to arms.

  10. I agree with MAC1PINE. One for, one against. Getting where you can’t believe anything you find on the ‘net.

  11. I agree with MAC1PINE. One for, one against. Getting where you can’t believe anything you find on the ‘net.

  12. I’m confused as to why This fiction is printed here. It is exactly contrary to reality. Chuck Canterbury is very Anti-2A, with a long history and announced intent for disarmament to prove it. The GOA has a very good line by line accounting that can be verified item by item. DON’T be fooled.

  13. I really can’t say if this guy is an asset or speed-bump. ASA seems to praise him, whereas GOA seem to condemn him. Then I read this….

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